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Our experienced teachers lead our programs of drop-in and pre-registered classes and workshops. 
With a strong, well-informed team, Inner Light Yoga and Wellness is committed to providing instruction, information and services that support health, well-being and a conscious lifestyle.
Sandra - Belly Dance Instructor

"I began belly dancing in 2000 out of simple curiosity, and was immediately taken with it. In 2006 I began to teach Belly Dance, aided by knowledge gained from my time as a BCRPA certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Over the years I have witnessed and experienced the powerful and positive effects this dance form has on women. The celebration of the feminine, along with the rich depth of history, culture and music are what keep me enthralled with this ancient art. Plus it is very fun and there is plenty of bling!"
Deb - Certified Yoga Teacher

Deb is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching Yoga since 2001. Before that she was a Fitness Instructor for 15 years. She also has personal experience with pain management.
She has studied with Erich Schiffmann, Susi Hately, Morgan McKenzie, Jay Field and Marion (Mugs) McConnell, to name a few. Her teaching has been influenced by Paul Grilley, Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi, Bernie Clark, Swami Vishnu Devananda and many more.
Her passions are the Tibetan Rites and Yin Yoga. Both on and off the mat she loves to help others breathe their way through life.

Carrie - Certified Yoga Teacher

"I have been practicing yoga for approximately 20 years. I started yoga to find a way to control or ease the pain in my back, caused by scoliosis. I feel no back pain when I practice yoga, yet now it's the sense of being connected and grounded that takes me to my mat. When I attend a class or do my own private practice, I also feel relaxed and refreshed. I wanted to teach a class that would bring that feeling of calm and being centered to others. I finished my yoga training from SOYA ( South Okanagan Yoga training) in 2009. I'm a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and I love it!
I believe there is yoga, and a yoga teacher for everyone. If you don't find what your looking for in my class, keep looking. It is a real gift to have the opportunity to share what brings me so much fulfillment."

Roger - Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

Roger is a certified yoga instructor, a professional yoga therapist and a health counselor. He trained in the Kripalu yoga tradition, a practice that is strongly focused toward therapeutic principles. He teaches yoga classes, NewBack Active Therapy classes and conducts yoga therapy consultations at the studio. Prior to yoga therapy, Roger was a medical scientist, completing his Doctorate in physiology and biochemistry and specialising in molecular genetics and pharmacology. He worked in medicine and extensively with patients with severe acute and chronic pain conditions. Roger has a lifetime involvement in sports and outdoor activities. He has been a representative rugby league and rugby union player and has extensive involvement in managing the performance and injury rehabilitation of players and teams. Roger incorporates his skills and life experience into the development of new health and wellness programs. Website:

Elara - Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

" I am a Certified Yoga Teacher in the Kripalu tradition, Yoga Therapist and a Yoga Lifestyle Counselor. I am also a Certified Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Facilitator. I have taught Meditation and worked in the healing field since 1996 when I received my certification as a Reiki Master. My current practices include Yoga and Meditation Instruction, and Yoga as Therapy.  I help others to connect with their inner wisdom, using Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation principles to create a unique form of therapy.  These practices are incorporated into my yoga classes where I help to generate a special sacred space for each student. I love to facilitate Yoga Nidra using this unique practice as a special tool for deep relaxation, healing and well-being."
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Inner Light Yoga and Wellness      
2807 44th Avenue, Vernon, British Columbia  (just off 27th Street)
Inner Light Yoga and Wellness
The classes at Inner Light Yoga and Wellness are infused with a spirit of exploration and discovery. Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace. The teachers challenge and support each student, taking into consideration her or his individual energy and physical abilities and limitations. 

We are open to questions, comments and requests from students both during and after class. We strive to offer a supportive and safe atmosphere for the ongoing exploration of your practice. 
About our classes
Gwen  - Certified Yoga Teacher 

"I have been practicing Yoga for over fifteen years and have completed my Yoga Teacher ~ 500 hour training certification with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy. I have also studied Yoga philosophy at 
the Yasodhara Ashram and attended workshops with the Venerable Lama Losang Samten, Dharma Mittra, Rod Stryker and Erich Schiffman. I am trained in Reiki healing, group facilitation and counseling.  I have a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary. I believe Yoga is essentially a healing process on all levels. I have found that my yoga practice brings balance and peace into my everyday life. I introduce all dimensions of yoga into my classes and share the philosophy of the eight limbs of yoga with my students. Embracing the yoga path is an ongoing journey of deepening practice in every part of one’s being."

Rhona - Certified Yoga & Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer

Rhona Parsons, CPT, E-RYT500, is an internationally recognized Yoga Instructor and has been helping others get the best out of life through Fitness, Health, and Wellness for over 17 years as a Personal Fitness Trainer, combining many modalities from her toolbox. She is also a highly accomplished Bender Ball Master Trainer and Pilates Instructor. Rhona specializes in Functional Training, Posture, Core and Balance, Pelvic Floor Fitness, Yoga Stretch Therapy and working with people with Parkinson Disease. 
Colleen - Certified Yoga Teacher

Colleen has been a yoga practitioner since the late 1970's! Yoga has ebbed and flowed through her life with the changing times, career, family, but always a common denominator. Coming from a work history in financial administration, the aches and pains of working in an office environment rang a loud bell regarding posture, alignment, stiff shoulders and neck. Finally, chronic arm pain became so 
severe, it seemed obvious that yoga needed to return center stage in her life. This inspired her to seriously assess her health and values. Colleen finished her Certified Yoga Instructor Training in Kelowna in June 2014, and is thrilled to have this opportunity to teach yoga at Inner Light Yoga and Wellness. 

Tinus - Certified Yoga and Fitness Instructor

"Short summary of my experience: Yoga Teacher - 15 years. Studied with Maureen Rae in Toronto and in Erich Shiffmann's teacher training in California. Have 37 years of experience in the fitness industry as Pro-Trainer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer, and Nutritionist. Did all the training curriculums if YMCA and Canfitpro Canada. Graduated in Physical Education and in Sport Marketing. Doing Fitness and Health workshops in USA and Canada. Had my own studio, and was contracted to do therapeutic Yoga and Fitness activities for Diabetes, MS and other medical illnesses by the Traditional Councils First Nation Hospital in Saskatchewan.This in short. My own personalized Yoga I call 'Tiens Liberte' Yoga - Classic Freeflow Freedom Caring Spiritual Yoga! Namaste, Tinus"

Lena - Certified Yoga Teacher

"Several years ago I came to a Hatha Yoga class and it was a love at first sight, since then Yoga is an integral part of my daily life. I became a certified Yoga Teacher in the Vijnana and Sivananda (Hatha) Yoga traditions with a 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification. 
I believe now we need yoga more than ever in our lives. With my commitment, passion and dedication to the discipline I would like to help more people become involved in yoga and experience the positive change it brings. I am certain yoga can significantly improve our physical and mental health and open the gates for personal spiritual journey."

Karla - Certified Yoga Teacher 

​"I discovered Hatha Yoga over five years ago. This led me to study and live at Yasodhara Ashram for 10 months, beginning with a 3 month intensive Yoga Development Course in January 2015. After this I continued training and received my Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate in April 2015. I’ve discovered that Yoga is a way of living in which I look for the symbolism of the events around me. I believe in the body-mind-speech connection that can be tapped into when one is relaxed and receptive to receiving messages from their own inner wisdom. Listening deeply to the subtle teachings from within and observing the mind brings clarity and allows one to expand."

Karen - Certified Yoga Teacher

"I was introduced to yoga as a child. I continued to practice on and off throughout my teen years. Then, work and family life seemed to leave little time for practice or study. In 2001, I was re-introduced to yoga and decided to take the teacher training program. Yoga brought new energy to my body and peace and joy to my heart and soul. Teaching enabled me to share these benefits with others. I owned Inner Light Yoga Studio from 2005 to 2012. I continue to find practicing and teaching yoga transformational on all levels." 

Trudi - Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

"I participated in my first yoga class in 1970, and have continued to explore the yogic path in many forms since then. Management of the mind and stress has been of great interest to me, as well as how the body reflects those states. Thirty years of registered nursing practice have also brought a richness of information and skills. I received my 300 hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, Certification in Amrit Method Yoga Nidra 2013, and Certification in Amrit Method Yoga Therapy in 2014. I have also been been practicing meditation for a long time, from secular, Buddhist and yogic perspectives. I believe that it is an essential skill to have, to pull back from the busy world, and find a place of stillness and peace."
Danielle - Certified Yoga Teacher

Creative alchemist and spiritual transformer, Danielle has always had an affinity with bridging the earthly realm with the spirit world. Connecting through the use of yoga, meditation, color, creative expression, nature, sound, crystals, body-work, and spirit-walking, Danielle has a natural ability and passion for bringing people to their truth, being an honest reflection, and providing solutions, to learn to ebb and flow with the waves of life, and evolve with open eyes; elemental and conscious awareness. A session with Danielle will be a breath of fresh air. Shed elements of your old self, and come out shiny and new, with a shift in perspective, and a rosy colored hue. Each session is unique to the relative person, time and space, and will render results with a deeper understanding and connection to your true self. 
Michelle - Certified Yoga Teacher

​"I am a lover of all things YOGA. With my many years as a fitness professional and health club manager, my desire to help people achieve their personal health and fitness goals started early in life. I was first introduced to yoga in 2009. Initially looking for a way to calm my mind and find relief from chronic pain, I found that and so much more. Through yoga I have learned quiet resilience, greater compassion and self love. With my new found love for Yoga I started exploring the many styles which led me to a new depth of understanding in my own practice. Experiencing firsthand the astounding effects that yoga has on our minds and our hearts as well as our bodies, I wanted to share the “Yoga Vibe” with others! In light of this, I made the decision to become a 200 RYT in 2015. Finding a balance between resistance and surrender is one of my greatest commitments. Maintaining connection between Mind, Body and Spirit is my continued journey; sharing my yoga and helping others come to their place of empowerment is my true Passion."
Michellene - Certified Yoga Teacher

"Over the past 9 years my passion for yoga has grown; what started as a faint hope of trying something new to help me cope with decades of chronic pain became a life transformation I couldn’t have seen coming. I have now been a teacher for 3 years and love every single minute of sharing this profound joy. I believe in a yoga that is inclusive, compassionate and sustainable as a daily practice both on and off the mat. My yoga training took place in Ubud Bali with Blissologist Eoin Finn after I had completed both certification in personal fitness training and nutrition. Eoin’s advice was to teach as though you had everything to share and nothing to prove, knowing that we all have the potential to be conduits for love & light thus creating an upward spiral of joy wherever we may find ourselves. It is my every intention to teach my yoga in the most true to self, authentic way in an effort to inspire others to go inward on their own personal journey of self discovery and reflection."
Paul - BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga and Group Fitness Leader

Paul has allways has been active and encourages others to do likewise. He believes fitness training should enhance ones activities and lifestyle. He enjoys skiing, tennis, biking,dancing and a good glass of red wine.
"If you don't look after your body, where will you live."
Trinity - Certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer

"Yoga has shown me a new perspective on life and taught me how to truly relax and listen to my body. Becoming a yoga teacher allowed me to deepen my understanding about the link between mind and body, and how to guide others in their own practice. I am also a certified personal trainer. While personal training allowed me to help people transform their body, becoming a certified yoga teacher has given me new tool in which to help people live healthier and more fulfilled lives. I received my 200 hour Yoga training in May 2017 though the Sthira- Suhkam School of Yoga where I enjoyed every minute of the journey which allowed me to grow as a person and has begun to open up many doors. My goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals and aid them on their personal journey by giving them the guidance to develop greater mindfulness and mind body connection through the practice of yoga and resistance training."

Kamala - Certified Yoga Teacher 

Kamala Wilkie graduated from SOYA’s 500hr program and Shioki Yoga Therapy mentorship program in 2002 and completed teacher trainings with Tim Miller (Ashtanga) Chris Chavez (Anusara) and Erich Schiffmann (Freedom style) and in depth studies with Martin Kirk (Anusara). She is currently studying Yoga for Chronic Pain with yoga and pain specialist, Neil Pearson. She teaches alignment based yoga and is a lead trainer for SOYA’s 200 and 300hr hour Immersion and Extended yoga teacher training programs. Website:
Jodi - Certified Clinical Counselor, Somatic Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher 

Jodi Krahn holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counselling from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Ambrose University/College in Calgary, Alberta. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the British Columbia Counselling Association (#3748). Jodi Krahn has completed Life Coach training through the Martha Beck Institute as well as her Yoga Coach and Restorative Yoga Teacher training through Yoga Church with Meadow DeVor. Jodi had a private clinical practice in Vernon. Website:
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