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Yoga Nidra as Therapy

- Produces profound relaxation 
- Induces a state of harmony and balance
- Restores health and well-being
- Reduces stress and anxiety 
- Eases insomnia and depression

Yoga Nidra is a therapeutic practice which can be used to help with any personal challenge. In Yoga Nidra we access the subconscious to create lasting transformations. 

Yoga Nidra as a therapeutic practice can be used to help in both physical and emotional healing.

By experiencing a state of very deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra, the presence of beneficial hormones, such as Melatonin and Serotonin, in the body are increased, playing a part in reducing anxiety and depression. And the decrease of stress-hormones, such as Cortisol, at the same time, helps to reduce the ill effects of stress.

Yoga Nidra is also very helpful for those suffering from insomnia, because it helps you to sleep better, and it is a deeply restful state in itself.
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Inner Light Yoga and Wellness      
2807 44th Avenue, Vernon, British Columbia  (just off 27th Street)
Inner Light Yoga and Wellness

 NewBack Yoga Therapy

 NewBack is a complete treatment program for the back, hips, and the whole of your body. 
 NewBack treats an injury by rebuilding the entire body, using innovative yoga therapy. 

    Teaches new movement patterns
​    Rebuilds neutral body alignment
​    Creates whole body balance
​    Stabilizes the body with core strength
​    Focuses on core strength in the back

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Yoga Nidra as Therapy with Elara

Life-transforming sessions addressing your needs

In the first part of the session you will have a consultation with Elara to uncover your needs. In the second part she will lead you through a deep relaxation guided meditation (Yoga Nidra), designed specifically to address your needs. 

These sessions are profoundly transformational on a very deep level, as you will be guided into the subconscious to create lasting inner shifts.

Initial consultation: 90 min $85
Follow-up sessions: 60 min $65/ 75 min $75/ 90 min $85

Save $25: Package of 5 sessions
A. $320 (1 x 90 min + 4 x 60 min)
B. $360 (1 x 90 min + 4 x $75 min)
​C. $400 (5 x 90 min)

For more information, and to book an appointment, 
please contact Elara:  Tel. 250 306 5325
Email: [email protected]


Foot reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all body parts. 

Applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques result in stress reduction which causes a physiological change in the body. 

Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. In the process, reflexology not only alleviates pain, but relieves the source of the pain as well.

Reflexology is as effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness, as it is for relieving symptoms of stress, injury, and illness.

 Reflexology with Elara

Relaxing and soothing treatments

60 min  $65    

The Ultimate Relaxation Combo: 
Reflexology 60 min & Reiki 30 min  $85

For more information, and to book an appointment, 
please contact Elara: 
Tel. 250 306 5325
Email: [email protected]


Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying on hands, and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

If one's life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. 

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.
Reiki with Elara

Gentle and relaxing energy healing sessions

60 minutes $65  

The Ultimate Relaxation Combo: 
Reflexology 60 min & Reiki 30 min $85

For more information, and to book anppointment, 
please contact Elara: 
Tel. 250 306 5325
Email: [email protected]

Yoga Therapy with Dr Roger Drinkwater

Professional sessions to address your needs

Initial Assessment: 90 min $85
Follow-up sessions: 60 min $65

For more information, and to book an appointment, 
please contact Dr Roger Drinkwater: Phone: 250 307 7485 
Email: [email protected]

Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey, which is based in Native beliefs, may present your Power/Totem/Spirit Animal, provide Energy Release work, and lastly bring home Soul Parts.

Power/Totem/Spirit Animal, call it what you wish, one discovers the nature of themselves, your traits, habits, an understanding of why you are the way you are.

Energy Release allows us to let go of energy/emotions, in the negative areas of Anger, Grief/Heart, and Fear, we are holding onto, stuffed down, or buried away, that are no longer serving us.

Soul Parts, pieces that separated due to physical, emotional or mental trauma, once home again, allow us to break patterns and change our processing.​

Shamanic Journey with Myra Stevens

Appointment: 1.5 – 2 hours
Investment $90
Please contact Myra Stevens for more details and to book a journey. Phone: 403.609.8924 Email: [email protected]

Heartful  Readings

Heartful Readings are helpful in clarifying a question you have about your life direction, or about a situation you are dealing with in your life.

Heartful Readings tap into your own wisdom and intuition. The Osho Zen tarot cards are used in the readings as a tool to help you get the clarity and answers to the questions you have.
Heartful Readings
with Elara

Gentle helpful readings to clarify a question and to find direction.

60 minutes $60

​To book anppointment, please contact Elara: Tel. 250 306 5325
Email: [email protected]

Heartful Healing 

Heartful Healing Consultation is an opportunity for you to get together with Elara for an in-depth consultation to assess your healing needs. Based on the consultation, Elara will formulate an individualized healing and wellness plan for you.

Depending on your needs, included in the plan may be a nutritional program, relaxation and stress-management practices such as breathwork and Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, a Yoga program, Yoga as Therapy (for emotional and physical healing) and follow-up Healing Consultations with Elara.
Click here for more information on Heartful Healing.

Heartful Healing Sessions 
with Elara

Initial consultation: 90 min $85
Follow-up sessions: 60 min $65/ 
75 min $75/ 90 min $85 

Save $25: Package of 5 sessions
A. $320 (1 x 90 min + 4 x 60 min)
B. $360 (1 x 90 min + 4 x $75 min)
​C. $400 (5 x 90 min)
To book an appointment, please contact Elara:  
Tel. 250 306 5325
Email: [email protected]

Relaxation Massage

​Treat your soul and body to some relaxation. Using 100% organic coconut oil to nourish your skin, this massage is full body or can be adjusted as required.  

Myra incorporates acupressure points to open meridians and increase energy flow. Reduce tension, improve circulation and promote healing - book your massage today!

Relaxation Massage with Myra Stevens

Appointment: 1 hour
Investment $90
Please contact Myra Stevens for more details and to book a journey. Phone: 403.609.8924 Email: [email protected]

Wellness Coaching

Together we will co-create your ideal wellness program. 
Learn powerful skills to realize your highest potential and
enjoy optimal well-being.​

​        The Path of Empowerment

  • Focus & time management 
  • Goal setting & achievement
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Stress management techniques
  • Effective communication skills
  • Identify/ eliminate bad habits
  • Meditation & mindful living tools

Wellness Coaching with Stella Stockton, CPT, B.Div

Package of 4 sessions (sessions 75 min): $278 
Single session: $80 Initial consultation by phone: no charge

July Special: 4 sessions $200 (30% off regular price)

Contact Stella for your complimentary consultation. 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-241-4808

​Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is an increasingly popular method of relieving stress, reducing muscle tension and boosting blood circulation. The stones are heated then placed on various parts of the body as well used to massage and open energy pathways allowing the mind and body to settle into full relaxation.

The History 
The practice of using hot stones dates back to over 5000 years ago in India as a part of the Indian holistic health tradition known as "Ayurveda." In this practice the stones were heated and used as massage instruments. Since then similar practices are know to have existed in ancient Japan and China where hot smooth stones were used to heat body parts to improve the function of various internal organs.

Hot Stone Massage with Janine

​60 min $85 
90 min $105 

Contact Janine to book an appointment:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-306-9275

Wellness Massage

Unwind your mind with this relaxation massage that may be designed just for you or enjoy Janine's signature head to toe massage with her intention being to bring the entire body into balance with the option of essential oils. 

  Massage benefits
  Improves circulation
  Lowers cortisol levels
  Relieves muscle tension and pain
  Improves digestion
  Improves sleep

"We need to replace your vicious stress cycle with a vicious cycle of self care."​

Reflexology with Janine

​60 min $65 
60 min reflexology & 30 min hot stone foot & calf massage $95

Contact Janine to book an appointment:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-306-9275


Reflexology is a natural, noninvasive therapy embracing the whole concept of holistic treatment. By stimulating the nerve endings in the hands, ears and feet we send messages along the nerve pathways to the various organs, systems and glands of the body. Reflexology is very effective in relieving stress and clearing energy blockages allowing the body systems to maintain an internal balance of homeostasis.

Wellness Massage with Janine

​60 min $65 
90 min $85 

Contact Janine to book an appointment:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-306-9275

Reiki with Anne

Anne has 19 years experience in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, as well as several years of experience in many other healing modalities, including a modality thousands of years old. It makes an instant connection and heals on several levels. 

Assisting people to release:
Old paradigms      •Frustrations
Non-forgiveness   •Bitterness
Other things preventing them from moving forward in life
Things that eat away at themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically,
and to change aspects of:
Diet                      •Perceptions 
Environment        •Exercise 

The energy work that Anne performs works spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and it all trickles down to the physical. Physical is actually the last manifestation of disease. Reiki has now been proven through scientific studies to aid in lessening pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

Reiki with Anne Clarke

Regular rate 60 min $72.45

Contact Anne to book an appointment:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-307-8394

Therapeutic Hand Massage

A hand massage has the potential to improve your health and well-being in a number of ways.

Benefits can include:
Creating a sense of calmness and well-being
Ease muscle tension
Can promote a sense of focus and reduce anxiety
Encourages circulation and comfort
Reduced hand pain
Greater grip strength

This service includes the use of carrier oil and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It provides an effective way to use the essential oils topically on the body. 

This technique is catered to each individual by selecting an oil that will best benefit them, and that can be of tremendous benefit due to its simplicity.

Therapeutic Hand Massage with Adrienne

30 minutes $39

For more information, and to book an
appointment, please contact Adrienne Harris
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-306-2779
BodyTalk with Yania

YOUR BODY IS TALKING TO YOU! Physical, Emotional, Mental symptoms are all behaviors of communication breakdown within your body/mind- You. Healing happens when the communication is re-established and blockages to functioning are balanced.

I am passionate about inspiring change in people's lives and always seeking growth in my own. My life experience has made me firm believer in the innate healing capacity of the body and in building your best relationship with yourself! 

I am committed to the principles of the BodyTalk system as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2007. It is my honor to work with clients of all ages, at all stages of life. 

However, I am particularly honored to support parents and kids that are struggling mentally and emotionally with the stresses of family, work and school. I am always grateful to observe change in others and to be a life-long student of our body's search for wellness.

BodyTalk Clients experience significant change in their Health & Relationships.

Life is complex. It is hard to be human and stress comes in many forms and effects us each in unique ways depending on our stories, genetics, belief systems and so much more!

BodyTalk improves your body's ability to function, for cells to communicate, blood, nerve & lymph circulation and communication to flow. Health is movement.

For more information please visit 
or contact me directly at 250-550-6282.

BodyTalk with Yania Greenaway

First Appointment $120
90 minute appointment includes intake, evaluation, & session.

Subsequent Session $100
Standard session typically 45-60mins long.

Child or Animal Session $80
BodyTalk is so effective with kids and animals as they have far less history and resistance to change. Sessions are usually 30-45 mins and generally less follow up needed.

Session Bundle Options
Change happens over time. Session bundles are fully transferable and never expire. They encourage commitment and reward you for investing in yourself!
3 Session Bundle $270
Child/Animal 3 Session Bundle $210
To book an appointment, please contact Yania:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-550-6282

What is an Ortho-Bionomy® Session

“An Ortho-Bionomy® session is a respectful and comfortable "hands-on" experience. The gentle techniques used activate self-corrective nerve reflexes, allowing the body to regain its original patterns of health and wellness. Physical and emotional healing occur as the body remembers its natural ability to seek balance by moving from pain to comfort.” 
–Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls  

Who can Ortho-Bionomy® Help

Ortho-Bionomy® can help a variety of conditions, such as, chronic injury, headache, back pain, pain caused by posture, structural imbalances, stress, and emotional issues, just to name a few. 

Trinity Miller is an associate of Ortho-Bionomy®, Student of Ayurvedic medicine and certified yoga instructor. 

Ortho-Bionomy® with Trinity Miller

50$/ 60mins (recommended for first session)
Payment Options: E-transfer, Cash, Credit Card 
Please contact Trinity for an appointment
Phone: 778-206-2656
Email: [email protected]
Instagram/Facebook: Gildedlilywellness